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Account Reconcile - AgChek for Windows 12REG Call

Reconcile any account with a report that matches the bank statement showing where you are not reconciled on Checks or

Deposit. Makes finding your error much faster. This program tracks the date of the bank statement so you can print a report that

matches your bank statement and after comparing the two, you have found your reconciling error.

Account Reconcile for Red Wing Windows Ver. 2/3 15RGN Call

Accounts Reconcile for QuickBooks and other Accounting Programs -1344594019 Call

Stand alone Accounts for QuickBooks and other accounting programs that the soruce data can be Excel or QODBC. This

program can reproduce reports on any previous completed statement that has been reconciled.

Aerial Application Manager 12RDB Call

The Aerial Application Manager was written with a busy spray plane operator in mind. This program keeps track of all aspects of

your business including: Application of chemicals, your customer base, pests targeted, crops sprayed, and invoices. The Aerial

Spraying Invoice and Billing System is an easy-to-use program that allows you to print a variety of reports for example:

Calculating Finance Charges, Statement Labels, Accounts Receivable Aging, Billing Statements, Payment Register, Listing of

Products and much, much more.

Bank Balance Program-Red Wing DOS AP AR 12RGD Call

This allows the user to very quickly enter checks and deposits to keep a running balance of your checking account, loan

account, or any account that you want to know where you are at any time. This can be possibly be customized to pull in checks

and deposits from other sources such as your accounting program or possibly from your bank via on line connection.

Borrowing Base Reporting 12RGW Call

For the user that is required by their bank to file a monthly, quartley, or what ever time fequency Borrowing Base report. Can be

customized to pull data from other programs.

Budget / Cashflow 12RFF Call

This program allows you to plug numbers in for building a projected Budget or Cashflow for one user or for multiple borrowers. The

user can enter detail to let the program calculate the totals and print out the itemization detail. Can be customized to interface

with some accounting programs to upload the budget information and down load the actual cashflow information.

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