Harvest Trakker

Harvest Trakker - Scale Ticket Program - The program tracks landlord and tenant shares, crop acres, yields, grain contracts, grain storage locations, and maintains on hand inventory. Calculates dried-weight basis according to each storage destination's calculations. Generates extensive reports including a report for landlords to show share of units and storage location of their grain.


Keep Track Your Production

Track landlord and tenant shares, Track crop acres, Track yields weight and dry basis, Track multiple crops, Track grain contracts, Track multiple storage locations

Easy to Operate

User-friendly interface, very easy to operate

Increase Your Productivity

Maintain on-hand or off-site inventory, Calculate dried-weight per elevator, Great with on Farm Scales and small grain Elevators

Customized Reports

Generate extensive reports, Multiple Report Selection Criteria, FSA (Farm Service Agency) standard Shrink Reporting